I am a certified ergonomist and exercise specialist that consults with private clients in two ways:  To either help  improve how they work ergonomically, or to educate them on how they can  move and exercise in a safer, and more functional way.

My focus is to help individuals with body issues reset how they move, function at work and during exercise specific to improving body mechanics and healing body problems through proper movement.  I do not work with those who are in acute pain who should be seen by a Doctor, or by a Physical Therapist.

Ergonomics:  Home/Workstation Evaluations

My approach to ergonomics goes beyond just adjusting and fixing a person’s workstation. With my 30+ years of experience in the health, wellness, and ergonomic industry, I have developed a unique and highly successful approach called “Ergonomic Wellness”. 

This approach incorporates teaching those I work with a broader perspective that focuses on the importance of adopting proper body mechanics, ergonomic principles, and how to take ownership of the way people use their body throughout the day to prevent injuries. You can have all the best ergonomic equipment available, however, without incorporating good body mechanics, posture, and work habits, you can easily create avoidable injuries.  To address this common problem, education is a major component of my consulting work.

For those people I cannot see in person, I provide workstation evaluations and assessments online. I  begin with a free phone call to discuss your situation and see if I can be of service. If you decide to engage in my services, we set up an online session that typically lasts an hour.  Included in my fee is a follow-up session to make sure the adjustments that were made are working.

Therapeutic Fitness

Customized Therapeutic Exercise Sessions

I have dealt with back issues and chronic pain most of my life which ironically (and luckily) led me to the health and wellness industry.  I have used therapeutic exercise and movement to help deal with my back issues, and I share my experience and knowledge to help others.  I am not a “personal trainer” and my approach is to teach my clients how to exercise properly, mindfully, and functionally; something people often don’t do.  

I understand the most common mistakes people make when it comes to exercise (and the roadblocks), which can often create pain and discomfort. I teach people how to incorporate body mechanics, mindful/functional movement, and body awareness into their daily lives.  Contact me to arrange a time to discuss how I can help you improve your body mechanics and learn how to incorporate functional, therapeutic fitness into your daily life.

Online Live “Stretch Breaks” and “BackFit” Classes

Throughout my career, I have consistently taught “Stretch Breaks” and “BackFit” classes that are extremely popular and highly regarded.  These online, live classes focus on teaching participants proper body mechanics and alignment, functional core work, and flexibility for all the key muscles that are commonly affected by prolonged workstation use. 

  • “Stretch Breaks”: is a gentle stretching class that focuses on relieving tension in all the common areas affected by prolonged sitting/working at a computer – the neck, shoulders and lower back, as well as easy to implement relaxation techniques to help reduce stress.
  • “BackFit”: is a class that helps participants relieve minor back aches and pain, and strengthens the core muscles for functional strength.  This class works on teaching participants exercises and movements that will help support our bodies for how we move in daily life, as well as help avoid injuries by creating a stronger, more functional core.

These live classes are done as private one-on-one sessions.