(In person or via Skype or Facetime)

My extensive ergonomic background helps companies prevent worksite injuries. Once I evaluate a work environment, I can often suggest simple adjustments that make a world of difference and greatly enhance employee well being, comfort and productivity. Working personally with employees in their workspace, I can empower them to use better body mechanics, posture, and alignment to help prevent injuries from occurring. I often come up with no cost or low-cost solutions to help make employees become more comfortable and less fatigued, which helps you improve work flow-a win-win situation.

For those people I cannot see in person, I provide workstation evaluations and assessments via Skype or FaceTime. These sessions begin with a free phone call to discuss the situation and see if I can be of service. If you decide you want to engage in my services, we set up an online session that typically lasts an hour. Included in my fee is a follow-up session to make sure the adjustments that were made are working.

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