Iris Sokol I have been a pioneer in providing cutting edge ergonomic, and health and wellness solutions to businesses and professional organizations since 1982. I graduated from Boston University in 1980 with a degree in Special Education and taught for two years. During that time, I was working with Asta O’Donnell, an exercise specialist who was helping me with back issues that I had due to Scoliosis. Asta convinced me to pursue a career in the fitness industry since she felt that I was such a good example of the positive results that health and fitness can achieve. I went back to school to study human movement and for many years, I taught fitness for many local clubs and organizations (and yes, I wore leg warmers and leotards!)

Iris Sokol

I was unique in the fitness industry for focusing on body mechanics and proper alignment as the most important aspect of exercise during a time when the fitness industry was more focused on a genre of beat your body up aerobics.

I decided that corporations would be the ideal place to offer classes since computer use was on the rise and I felt this was only going to increase body problems. In 1982 I began teaching fitness for one high-tech company and saw the positive impact my programs had on the employees and the culture of that company.

This inspired me to create Fitness Works at Work, Inc., a company that for 28 years, provided premier companies throughout New England with customized health and wellness programs and top notch corporate fitness center management services. Along with my husband Ken, we built Fitness Works at Work, Inc. into a highly regarded, innovative company and in 2011 we sold that business to a national competitor.

I was trained and certified as an ergonomist in the late 80’s and have developed programs to specifically focus on worksite comfort and efficiency. Over the years, I have provided a variety of ergonomic consulting services that are detailed in the Ergonomic Services section.

After selling Fitness Works at Work, Inc., I wanted to go back to working one-on-one with people and companies with something that I am passionate about and know I can help make a huge difference with – ergonomics. I recently became re-certified as an ergonomist through the Back School of Atlanta. Personally - my husband Ken and I are the proud parents of twin, 21-year-old wonderful, special men Josh and Zach, who will be entering their senior year of college in the fall.

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