It is a common fact that prolonged sitting at a desk looking at a computer for hours a day can cause numerous body problems - lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, eyestrain, and hand and wrist distress to name a few conditions. When employees and employers ignore these conditions, it can cost money in the form of worker’s compensation claims, medical expenses and time missed from work. I have spent much of my career teaching employees how to improve their health while at work.

An affective solution to the build-up of muscular tension is to stretch during the day. I have created a video of an extremely popular presentation I give called “Stretch Breaks at Your Desk” that can be uploaded onto any computer, and leads the viewer through a series of stretches that bring relief to the areas that are commonly affected by prolonged sitting, the neck, shoulders and lower back. Take a look at this promotional video for an example of this program.

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