Why not ergonomically align your entire workforce? Education is the most important aspect of any wellness and ergonomic program. Employees can have the best equipment available but that does not guarantee that they will use it correctly, which is half the battle. So much of ergonomic injury prevention comes from learning how to utilize good body mechanics and posture while working, something that is commonly overlooked with most ergonomic programs.

I have presented at corporations and for organizations nationally on a variety of ergonomic and wellness related topics. My interactive seminars reach large groups of employees at one time with techniques to make their workstation safer, educating them on how to become more productive, healthier and comfortable — in just one hour.

These are just a few of my programs related to ergonomics and injury prevention:

  • “Creating Computer Comfort”— is a comprehensive seminar that teaches participants basic ergonomic principles and the importance of proper body mechanics and alignment. I demonstrate a variety of adjustments that can make a standard workstation comfortable and more ergonomically correct, often at little or no expense to the employer. Included in this presentation is taking the participants through a mini stretch break.
  • “Stretch Breaks at Your Desk”— teaches techniques for taking time during the day to stretch key muscles affected by prolonged sitting; neck, shoulders, upper and lower back in order to minimize the discomfort that sometimes accompanies prolonged static positions and repetitive motion. I illustrate how adopting good workstation habits now, including stretching, can prevent injuries and discomfort in the future. Employees leave this seminar feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized.
  • “Fitness on the Fly”— demonstrates how you can strength—train anywhere, without needing any equipment, using only your own body resistance, an exercise band, and your surroundings.
  • “Primed for Life”— addresses fitness and health issues for people approaching age 50 and older. I share how to incorporate simple health changes that make a large impact, and share tips and techniques for how to easily incorporate exercise into your daily life.
  • “Stretch, Relax and Renew”— is an exercise class that can be done in a conference room that takes participants through gentle stretching, simple core exercises and relaxation techniques. This class does not require any prior experience with exercise, and is geared toward all levels of fitness.
  • “Back Care”— teaches participants how to prevent back injuries and demonstrates simple, easy to do exercises to strengthen the core and the back. The seminar is based on my personal experience of enduring and managing lifelong back problems, and the exercises shown are derived from a therapeutic approach to maintaining a healthy back.
  • “Sitting Fit”— Ask the Ergo Expert”— invites participants to design their own session with me as I answer questions and give advice on common workstation comfort issues.
  • “The Core Connection”— Abdominal Training — teaches participants how to strengthen the abdominal muscles functionally for core strength. I show a variety of easy—to—follow exercises but more importantly, I demonstrate the most effective way to do abdominal exercises, something that people often do incorrectly.
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