We live in the electronic age. Many of your employees may spend most of their workday sitting at a desk, in front of a computer screen, or on the phone. In manufacturing environments, employees sometimes stand much of the day. Some perform repetitive or strenuous motions that can lead to muscular aches and pains, and injuries. I apply my extensive ergonomic expertise to encourage a more fluid workflow in the work environment and prevent ergonomic injuries. According to the Center for Disease Control’s Office of Health and Safety, repetitive motions are one of the most common causes of injuries at work. Frequent, excessive physical stress on the hands, wrists, shoulders, elbow, neck and back can cause injuries and muscular skeletal disorders. By determining the right fit between employees and their workspace, and focusing on educating the employees on proper use and body mechanics, I can help your organization avoid unnecessary injuries and consequent workers’ compensation claims.

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